Dental Bonding Can Transform Your Smile

If you are struggling with gapped teeth, broken teeth, or dental discoloration, dental bonding can help you achieve a flawless smile. At our Nashville, TN, practice, Dr. Jerry Hancock can sculpt composite material over the tooth surface, concealing imperfections beneath. Unlike porcelain veneers, which often require more extensive modification of teeth before proceeding, dental bonding requires little preparation, preserving the structure of your smile. This treatment can also provide many of the same benefits of porcelain veneers at a more affordable price. Our team can review your unique cosmetic goals and dental needs to determine if dental bonding is right for you.

image of before and after dental bonding

Dental bonding can reduce the appearance of dental stains and discoloration for a whiter, brighter smile.

Uses of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding can repair minor damage such as chips or cracks to strengthen the teeth and improve their appearance. This strong composite resin can also conceal intrinsic, or internal stains that are unresponsive to professional teeth whitening. Additionally, the material can be used to fill in small gaps between the teeth and straighten teeth that are slightly crooked for improved alignment. By changing the color, shape, and size of the teeth, Dr. Hancock can help you achieve a more balanced, symmetrical smile that complements your unique features.

What to Expect during Treatment

After reviewing your goals, preferences, and dental history, Dr. Hancock can determine whether you are eligible for treatment. Dental bonding can be performed alone or incorporated into a custom smile makeover. Most patients require bonding on only two or three teeth, and it can take 30 minutes to one hour to complete the bonding process for a single tooth. As a result, the length of your procedure will ultimately depend upon the extent of treatment. 

Preparation and Application

Before your procedure, Dr. Hancock can select the shade of composite resin that matches surrounding teeth. After choosing the proper color, Dr. Hancock can prepare the teeth by lightly etching the surface. He can then apply a special solution that helps with adhesion. This process can create a stronger bond between teeth and the composite material for long-lasting results.

Dental bonding can repair minor damage such as chips or cracks to strengthen the teeth and improve their appearance. 

Once your teeth are ready, Dr. Hancock can begin to layer the composite resin. He can carefully shape the material, lengthening or widening the tooth as necessary. When he achieves the desired shape and size for each tooth, Dr. Hancock can smooth the material for a more natural look and feel. Finally, he can apply an ultraviolet light to set the material in place.

Final Touches

Dr. Hancock can check to ensure the composite resin does not negatively affect your bite or dental alignment. If any modifications are needed, he can take the time to trim and shape the material to ensure proper occlusion. Once complete, Dr. Hancock can polish the tooth to match the translucency and sheen of your natural enamel.

We can typically complete the entire procedure in just one appointment. Unlike more extensive cosmetic procedures, there is no recovery or downtime involved. You can immediately enjoy your new and improved smile upon leaving our office.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you feel self-conscious about your smile because of minor imperfections such as stained teeth or small chips and cracks, contact us online or call (615) 383-0132 to schedule your dental bonding consultation at Jerry Hancock, DMD. Dr. Hancock can help you regain your self-confidence by restoring the symmetry and balance of your smile. 

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