Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings Can Ensure a Beautiful Smile

You probably know that dental fillings are the most common treatment for cavities, but you may not be aware that some types of fillings are better than others. At Dr. Jerry Hancock's dental practice in Nashville, TN, he provides conservative treatments that will also protect your overall health. That is why, as part of his commitment to providing his patients with the best treatment available, he proudly offers tooth-colored composite fillings. These restorations are more realistic than metal because they will blend beautifully with the shade of your smile. Perhaps more importantly, they are also safer and can strengthen your teeth more effectively.

Do You Need a Dental Filling?

In most cases of mild to moderate decay, fillings are the most appropriate treatment option. Often, Dr. Hancock can diagnose decay because cavities will be visible to the naked eye. In other cases, advanced technology can be used to accurately evaluate the issue. After diagnosing decay, he can then determine the best treatment. In cases of severe or widespread damage, an inlay or onlay, or dental crown may be more appropriate.

If you have a cavity or are experiencing symptoms of decay, such as sensitivity, it is important to seek treatment right away. Untreated tooth decay can have serious effects on your oral health. First, the bacteria could spread to the central pulp of your tooth, in which case you would require more extensive root canal therapy. The microbes could spread even further, reaching your other teeth or your gums. If periodontal disease develops, you will have a much higher risk for gum recession, jawbone degeneration, and widespread tooth loss.

Placing a Tooth-Colored Filling

Fortunately, Dr. Hancock can halt the effects of decay by simply and quickly placing a filling. Because your tooth and the surrounding area will be numb, the process should involve little stress. However, sedation is also available if you suffer from dental anxiety. Before providing your restoration, your dentist will reshape the decayed area, removing bacteria and damaged tissue. To maintain as much of the natural tooth as possible, he will trim away the smallest amount of material possible. 

Composite will typically bond to your tooth more effectively than an amalgam filling, providing better structural support.

Next, Dr. Hancock will treat your tooth with a mild chemical solution that will etch the surface. The invisible fissures will improve the way that the composite bonds to your tooth. The filling itself will be applied in layers. Your doctor will shine a curing light on your tooth after he places each successive layer. When the entire filling is in place, he will shape and polish its outer surface.

Illustration of amalgam vs. composite filling

Unlike amalgam fillings, composite restorations are virtually indistinguishable from dental enamel. 

Why Choose Composite Fillings?

Both metal and composite fillings can seal and strengthen your teeth. Nonetheless, composite offers superior aesthetic and practical benefits. Its most obvious advantage is that it will blend in with your teeth. Because the material is available in a wide array of shades, Dr. Hancock can ensure your filling is invisible within your smile. While the cosmetic qualities are important, composite fillings have an even greater value for your oral and general health:

  • Metal-Free: Unlike amalgam fillings, tooth-colored restorations do not contain mercury. For the right patients, Dr. Hancock can also replace metal fillings with composite. 
  • Conservative: Composite fillings are more conservative than metal, and the doctor will need to remove less dental tissue to place them.
  • Durable: Composite will typically attach to your tooth more effectively than an amalgam filling, providing better structural support.
  • Stable: Tooth-colored composite does not change shape, while metal will fluctuate in response to heat and cold. This process can eventually weaken your teeth and cause them to crack. For this reason, composite fillings will better protect your teeth over time.

Repair Your Damaged Tooth Today

Dr. Hancock always puts the best interests of his patients first. Contact us online or by phone at (615) 383-0132 to learn more about whether tooth-colored fillings are right for yo.

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