Our Approach to Tooth Extractions

Dr. Hancock believes in salvaging your natural teeth whenever he can, but when a tooth has become damaged beyond repair, or is severely infected, Dr. Hancock may recommend an extraction.

Dr. Jerry Hancock reviewing a dental x-ray with a patient
Dr. Hancock performs gentle extractions when they are needed.

Dr. Hancock gently extracts your tooth or teeth and in some cases places bone grafting material in the empty socket to ensure the socket shape is preserved and no bone loss occurs at that site. This is especially beneficial if you are going to be getting a dental implant after the tooth extraction.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Illustration of impacted wisdom teeth

We see many patients whose wisdom teeth need to be extracted. An impacted wisdom tooth is one which is coming in at an angle or is caught behind another tooth. This can cause pain and discomfort, and even damage your other teeth.

Dr. Hancock takes panoramic X-rays to isolate the exact position of your wisdom teeth and plans the surgery ahead of time. For longer procedures or for maximum comfort, Dr. Hancock can provide IV sedation in addition to local anesthesia.

IV Sedation

For patients who are nervous about getting dental work done, Dr. Hancock can use IV sedation to make the procedure more comfortable. This can be beneficial for patients undergoing surgical procedures, such as wisdom tooth extractions or root canal therapy. You will be able to follow Dr. Hancock’s instructions during the procedure but the entire procedure will be comfortable and stress-free. Patients receiving IV sedation will need to have a friend or relative drive them home after the procedure.

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Dr. Hancock is very gentle and I have never had any pain after the procedures —Brenda

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