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Carefully Designed Dentures with a Lifelike Look

Custom-made dentures from our Green Hills office in Nashville, TN, can replace several adjacent missing teeth or your entire dental arch. In this way, they can restore the form and function of your smile, allowing you to enjoy a complete diet and giving you a healthy sense of self-confidence. Dr. Jerry Hancock offers several types of dentures, including full, partial, and implant-supported restorations. In all cases, he will work meticulously during the design process, using precise impressions of your smile to provide a comfortable prosthetic. Our lab also uses top-of-the-line materials so your denture will be virtually identical to natural teeth.

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Natural-looking, comfortable, and affordable dentures can enhance your smile and contribute to improved oral health. 

Types of Dentures 

Dentures are simple yet highly effective oral appliances that can replace missing or damaged teeth. The type of denture you receive will depend on the number of teeth that need to be replaced and your goals for treatment.

  • A full denture will replace your entire upper or lower dental arch. A plastic base will fit around your gums and will match the natural color of your soft tissues. Synthetic teeth made from porcelain or zirconia will rest on top. A traditional full denture will be removable, so you will typically need to use denture adhesive to secure it in place. You should remove your prosthetic for daily cleaning and store it in water or a special solution overnight.
  • A partial denture will replace several adjacent teeth. Similar to a full denture, it will have a natural-colored base. It will also come with subtle metal clips that keep it connected to the teeth. You should care for a partial denture just as you would a full prosthetic.
  • Implant-supported dentures can be either full or partial. Instead of fitting around your gums, these prosthetics connect directly to implant posts, which will be set surgically in your jaw. 

Designing Your Dentures

When you think of dentures, you may picture a loose or unnatural-looking restoration. However, thanks to Dr. Hancock's precision, your restoration will be virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. During your consultation, Dr. Hancock will discuss your goals for treatment and your budget. He will also evaluate your oral health to establish the most appropriate type of denture for you. If you are receiving a traditional denture, he will take an impression of your jaws. If you choose an implant-supported denture, he will instead begin planning your implant surgery. He will measure your gums and the healthy teeth that remain. He will also consider the proportions of your mouth, jaw, and face. With this approach, he can ensure that your denture will harmonize with your overall look.

In some cases, Dr. Hancock may need to perform preparatory treatment before he can provide your restoration. For example, if you have gum disease, you will first need periodontal care, such as scaling and root planing. Alternatively, Dr. Hancock may need to extract severely damaged teeth in preparation for your denture.

The Benefits of Dentures

If you are missing a number of teeth, dentures can greatly improve your quality of life. First, with your restoration in place, you will have improved dental function. You will be able to speak more clearly and you will be able to enjoy a more varied diet. This is especially true if you receive an implant-supported denture, since this type of restoration will never slip out of place. Second, your prosthetic will dramatically enhance your appearance by replacing your missing teeth to give you a healthy and rejuvenated look. At the same time, it will also fill in your lips and cheeks to prevent sunken features. With these combined effects, you can feel confident about your appearance. You can also feel more self-assured going out to eat, speaking in public, and laughing freely.

After discussing your goals and assessing the state of your bite, Dr. Hancock can recommend the right denture for you.

Types of Dentures We Offer

Dr. Hancock offers a variety of denture options:

Full Dentures:

Upper and lower full-arch denturesDr. Hancock creates high-quality dentures to replace all missing teeth in either the upper or lower arch.

Partial Dentures:

Metal partial dentureTraditional partials attach to adjacent teeth with metal clips.

No-metal Partials:

Hand holding a metal-free partial dentureNo-metal partials eradicate unsightly metal hooks for a more aesthetic smile.

Immediate Dentures:

Two full arch immediate denturesWe can provide dentures immediately following tooth extraction that restore function and appearance while facilitating the healing process. They will be replaced with a permanent denture when the gums heal.

Denture Stabilization:

Illustration of a full-arch implant-supported dentureYour current denture is retrofitted to attach to implants, creating a very stable and comfortable restoration. 

Implant-supported Dentures:

Illustration of a full-arch implant-supported dentureWhen receiving dentures for the first time, you can expect that they will be stable from the start with dental implants. Implant-supported dentures are still removable for cleaning. 

Relines and Repairs:

Dental putty being spooned into an upper dentureAny relines or repairs are performed quickly and efficiently by our quality lab.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you are struggling with widespread tooth loss and want to reclaim both your confidence and your oral health, contact Dr. Hancock's office to receive your custom denture. After discussing your goals and assessing the state of your bite, he can recommend the right denture for you.

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The staff is super friendly and efficient, and I always walk out of their office with a smile…a much brighter one! —Kate

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Green Hills Office

3829 Cleghorn Ave
Nashville, TN 37215

Open Today 7:30am - 5:00pm

More Info Directions (615) 383-0132