Testimonials Mike

“My first dentist visit was when I was in the 8th grade. It was one of the worst, most terrifying experiences I’ve ever had. That one visit set the tone for how I perceived dentists. From that day forward, I always avoided going to the dentist. That’s the main reason my teeth got so bad.

“Dr. Hancock changed that for me. He makes me feel like I can trust him, and I have actually started to relax when I’m in the chair. He explains what he’s doing and always follows up with me after a procedure. He’s the only dentist that has ever called me to check on me. His assistant Peggy called me when Dr. Hancock went out of town, after one of my visits.

“I really appreciate the star treatment I receive at Dr. Hancock’s office, the follow-up and the artistry that Dr. Hancock possesses. He’s a perfectionist, and that’s why I’m able to smile.

“I like that Dr. Hancock is very patient with me. Now my teeth feel better, work better, look great and so far I’ve been able to keep them all.” —Mike

Testimonials Anna

“Dr. Hancock is so friendly. His staff is very prompt and professional. I always feel comfortable asking questions of Dr. Hancock and his staff. They are generally concerned with my oral health and they explain things thoroughly. They smile and seem to really enjoy their jobs.

“What I like about Dr. Hancock is his friendliness, professionalism, concern about my life and my oral health, he is easy to talk to and answers my concerns quickly.” —Anna

Testimonials Brenda

“Dr. Hancock and the staff always put me at ease. Their professionalism and caring attitudes are more than I could ask for. Dr. Hancock is very gentle and I have never had any pain after the procedures. He closely follows up with phone calls in the evening after procedures to ensure you are not experiencing any problems. He is very thorough, making sure you understand procedures prior to any work. He lays out all options and discusses each option in depth, making your decisions easier. His staff are the most caring people, following his lead.

“I have a beautiful smile now. The implants made my transition to dentures much easier. I could not imagine dentures without them!” —Brenda

Testimonials Kate

“Dr. Hancock is great – always friendly, positive and comprehensive when explaining procedures. I always used to have anxiety about going to the dentist, but I never feel that way when I come to see Dr. Hancock. The staff is super friendly and efficient, and I always walk out of their office with a smile…a much brighter one!” —Kate


Testimonials Jillian

“Dr. Hancock and his staff are hands down the best in Nashville. Dr. Hancock was attentive to my wishes and budget. He is a true expert in his field. I often describe myself as a perfectionist ­– I would say Dr. Hancock has me beat in this category! The work is subtle and beautiful. I couldn’t be happier! I no longer look in the mirror and get annoyed by imperfections in my smile. I am so happy with my smile and love to show it off! I’m so much happier with my photos after having this work done!” —Jillian

Testimonials Patricia

“Dr. Hancock is the best dentist I have ever had. I tell everyone about him. He is gentle, kind, very informative, friendly and puts you at ease. The staff are also all very kind and helpful.

“Some crowns of mine needed work, and my gums were pulling away from the teeth. I am able to keep my teeth because of the work Dr. Hancock did on my gums.” —Patty

Testimonials Katie

“What I like about Dr. Hancock is his professionalism, patience, ability to explain the procedures and answer all of my questions. Everyone here provides great customer services by treating patients like family. Now I have healthy teeth, gums and a great looking smile.” —Katie

Testimonials Sloan

“Dr. Hancock provides a superbly nurturing and comfortable environment for his patients. He approached my concerns with sensitivity and a thorough and tailored explanation of what he thinks would be the best route based on my specific needs.

“Dr. Hancock has a vast knowledge of all the most current and technologically-advanced options on the market today. His commitment to staying current in is field matched with his compassion and concern for both his patients’ oral care as well as their own comfort during any procedures make him a phenomenal dentist and someone I would highly recommend. I feel like Dr. Hancock has taken great care of me and I have been enormously satisfied with all aspects of his care of my oral health.” —Sloan

“I was referred to the office by our orthodontist after moving back to the area. The office staff is incredibly friendly, helpful and made the scheduling of my multiple family appointments easy and convenient by bundling several of them. The office itself is cheerful, and Dr. Hancock was an absolute delight to get to know. He was personable, gentle and offered information to allow me to make the best informed decisions regarding my dental health on my own. He even suggested some solutions that would be less expensive out of pocket and options that would require fewer visits.

“Overall, I am incredibly thankful for the referral to Dr. Hancock and I am proud to share my story and give my own referral to others in the area who need to find a great dentist. Call them today… The service that my family and I received made our dental visits a truly enjoyable experience.” —Audrey

“I used to be afraid of dentists. I had a bad childhood experience. But when my teeth became so painful I could not eat, I bit the bullet, so to speak. Jerry and his staff have CARED for me through this process and made it fun, simple, convenient and nearly painless. I feel so much better and my teeth look GREAT!! I have never had a better experience with any doctor!” —Mandi

“From the moment I walked into the office, my experience was nothing but A+. The atmosphere was professional but relaxed and my appointment was kept promptly. The staff was friendly, competent, gentle and thorough. Dr. Hancock had a great chairside manner, gave me a thorough and comfortable exam, and went the extra mile to spend a few moments in friendly conversation. From the front desk to the X-ray tech to the hygienist chair I felt like an important client and a valued customer.”—Sara

“I appreciate Dr. Hancock’s timeliness and his desire to do an excellent piece of work. He also telephoned me last night to check on how I was doing. This is beyond the call of duty. By the way, I am doing fine. No problems.” —Sarah

“If you are looking for a dentist in the greater Nashville area I would recommend Dr.Hancock! He and his entire staff are wonderful! Lets put it this way..after being terrified about getting a root canal I hardly felt a thing!” —Alisha

“I have had work on and fix everything from root canals to extractions, cosmetic work and many crowns over the past 6 years. Easily the best dentist I’ve had in the past 70 years.” —Brooks

“Dr. Hancock was the first Dentist to talk me thru the process and remain with me during my entire visit, not jumping around from patient to patient. The shot was quick and painless. He took his time with the procedure. I felt comfortable in his chair. Overall it was as positive of an experience as going to the Dentist could be.” —Eric

“I am a senior and have had extensive dental work. For the past five years I have gone to Dr. Jerry Hancock and he is by far the most excellent dentist that has worked on my teeth. After a cleaning, he takes a look and ensures that if there were any issues they were handled or will be. Most importantly, he only advises to do a procedure if absolutely necessary. I cannot emphasize enough his integrity and excellent skills.” —Arlene

“Dr. Hancock and his staff made me feel comfortable and at home! I am not a fan of going to the dentist, so I was not excited about having to visit the dentist due to an emergency. However, a family member recommended Dr. Hancock and I went on their good review of him and his staff! I was so impressed! They were all very friendly and easy to feel comfortable around! Dr. Hancock was very easy to talk to and made me feel at ease while he did his job! It was the best dental experience I have ever had! Going to the dentist is not going to be end of the world any more!” —Leah

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Dr. Hancock is the best dentist I have ever had. —Patty

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