Restore Your Oral Health with Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is a narrow chamber that runs down the center of a tooth root. Typically, molars have three to four roots, and each root can have multiple canals. Dr. Hancock performs root canal therapy to save a tooth that has become infected or abscessed, and is threatened of being lost or likely of spreading the infection to other teeth.

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Comfortable and efficient Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Anatomical illustration of a toothRoot canal therapy is performed to save the infected tooth and so avoid extraction. The tooth is drilled to gain access to the infected canal. The infected pulp is removed from the infected canal of the tooth and then the canal is carefully cleaned and disinfected. It is filled with a rubber-like material to seal and protect the tooth. A crown is then usually placed over the treated tooth. The tooth can continue to function after root canal therapy has been performed as it is still nourished by surrounding tissue.

Experience and training for effective results

Dr. Hancock has the advanced training and extensive experience to perform successful root canal treatment and ultimately save your tooth from needing extraction. He uses advanced tools to increase the speed of the overall procedure, reducing the amount of time you have to spend in the dental chair. He also offers IV sedation for fearful or nervous patients, making the entire procedure a more relaxing experience.

Root Canal Therapy in one visit

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Dr. Hancock can complete most root canal procedures in just one visit! He has the required skills and knowledge to complete the entire process, from getting you out of pain, to placing the final restoration crown, right here in his own office. There is no need to be referred out to another dental office. For patients wanting an immediate restoration, Dr. Hancock can complete the root canal treatment and crown during the same session.

Air abrasion drill for efficient Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Hancock performs root canal therapy using an air abrasion drill. This is a high-speed device that blasts away decayed tooth structure, instead of drilling with an electric drill. The abrasion method is less traumatic for the tooth and makes treatment faster and more comfortable for the patient. He also uses a water irrigation tool to keep your tooth cool and free from any discomfort.

Common symptoms of needing Root Canal Therapy

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Root canal treatment is needed when the pulp inside the tooth chamber becomes infected, and results in the tooth being abscessed. Typically, an abscessed tooth causes pain and sensitivity. Here are some signs that you have an infection in your tooth:

  • Pain
  • Swelling around the gum line
  • A small pimple on the gums that emits abscess
  • Tooth is darkened or discolored from internal decay
  • Sensitivity to heat or cold (can last for some time)
  • Discomfort when biting and chewing
  • Tenderness at the base of the tooth or tooth root
  • Random occurrences of pain from an unidentifiable source

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