Complete your Smile with a Single Tooth Implant

A single missing tooth can make it more difficult to eat your favorite foods and can also leave a conspicuous gap in your smile. To regain full bite function and restore the aesthetics of your smile, a single tooth implant placed at our Nashville, TN, office may be the ideal solution. Dr. Jerry Hancock has over 10 years of experience in implant dentistry and can provide you with a quality dental implant-supported crown that can restore the form and function of your bite. He can perform your surgery and restore the implant for convenient care all under one roof.

What is a Single Tooth Implant?

An increasing number of patients are choosing to replace single missing teeth with a dental implant and crown. Implants are small titanium posts designed to fuse with your jawbone, replacing lost tooth roots. When the implant is replaced with a custom-crafted dental crown, this provides a permanent restoration and offers ultimate stability and function.

A dental implant can replace tooth roots and provide a sturdy base for a dental crown. 

Your implant will function just like your natural tooth roots, and the custom-shaded porcelain crown will blend with your smile seamlessly. Additionally, a crown can be replaced without impacting the implant. The implant provides oral health advantages such as stopping further bone atrophy and can prevent other future oral health complications.

Comparing Options

The standard solution for a single missing tooth is a fixed partial denture attached to crowns placed on adjacent teeth. This appliance can fill one or more gaps. While it can also prevent dental misalignment, this method cannot prevent jaw atrophy.

First, the abutment teeth must be reshaped to accommodate the crowns, which means removing healthy dental tissue. Patients with a traditional dental appliance must be especially careful to prevent decay in the abutment teeth. Increased decay and gum disease is common and can lead to further tooth loss.

Additionally, a traditional bridge does not provide adequate chewing stimulation for the underlying alveolar bone. This lack of stimulation triggers a natural bone resorption process. In the first year after tooth loss, there is a 25% decrease in bone width and a small loss in height as well. This lost bone tissue can only be replaced with a bone grafting procedure, which may be necessary to accommodate a dental implant.

With hundreds of implant success stories to his credit, Dr. Hancock is a restorative dentist you can trust.

Receive Expert Treatment

Our practice offers comprehensive dental care as well as complete restorative dentistry services. Depending upon your dental needs, Dr. Hancock can provide you with a fixed bridge or perform implant placement and restoration.

At your initial consultation, the dentist will provide a comprehensive exam and personalized treatment recommendations. If you have a tooth that requires extraction, he can provide immediate, simple bone grafting to prepare for your implant surgery.

With hundreds of implant success stories to his credit, Dr. Hancock is a restorative dentist you can trust. If desired, sedation dentistry is available to help you remain comfortable and completely at ease for the procedure. We also offer flexible payment options for your convenience.

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Our practice can help you repair your smile and maintain optimal oral health to prevent future losses. Please call our office at (615) 383-0132 or contact us online to set up your appointment with Dr. Hancock.

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