Full Mouth Reconstruction

Address a Range of Concerns with Full Mouth Reconstruction

Restoring your smile to a brighter, straighter and more complete state can rejuvenate your overall facial structure and improve the quality of your life. If your smile has deteriorated over the years, due to gum disease and tooth decay, Dr. Hancock can help you restore your smile and make it healthier, look more beautiful and function more naturally.

Dr. Hancock reviewing dental x-rays with a patient

A full-mouth reconstruction can involve many steps. Dr. Hancock plans everything in advance and keeps you fully informed on what is to be done next.

Full-mouth reconstruction is not a one-step process; it can include a multitude of procedures, often used in combination to produce the most effective results. Dr. Hancock may choose to use a variety of treatments from fillings, crowns, bridges, and even implants, dentures and orthodontics. Whatever the condition of your dental health, Dr. Hancock offers comprehensive treatment plans to meet your smile goals.

Dr. Hancock has completed advanced training and uses state-of-the-art technology to help restore even the most broken-down smiles.

Sedation Dentistry

A full-mouth reconstruction can sometimes involve lengthy procedures. To make your treatment more comfortable Dr. Hancock offers IV sedation. Sedation dentistry has also allowed him to help many people who, due to fear or anxiety about dentistry, would not get the treatment they need. Learn more about sedation dentistry.

Precise diagnosis and
comprehensive treatment plan

Dr. Hancock reviewing dental x-rays with a patient

Dr. Hancock will take high-quality panoramic X-rays when planning your treatment, and in some cases will have 3D CT scans done for even greater detail.

He then does a very thorough exam to see exactly what is needed to return your mouth to a healthy state.

Dr. Hancock knows that every patient is different, and considers each case as unique and requiring their own specified treatments. He will talk with you about any concerns, and present all the options available to you. He will then construct a detailed treatment plan to be followed to restore your mouth to back to health.

Our procedures for full-mouth restoration

A full-mouth reconstruction can involve one or more of the following:

Patient Testimonial

Patient of Jerry Hancock, DMD

“My first dentist visit was when I was in the 8th grade. It was one of the worst, most terrifying experiences I’ve ever had. That one visit set the tone for how I perceived dentists. From that day forward, I always avoided going to the dentist. That’s the main reason my teeth got so bad.

“Dr. Hancock changed that for me. He makes me feel like I can trust him, and I have actually started to relax when I’m in the chair. He explains what he’s doing and always follows up with me after a procedure. He’s the only dentist that has ever called me to check on me. His assistant Peggy called me when Dr. Hancock went out of town, after one of my visits.

“I really appreciate the star treatment I receive at Dr. Hancock’s office, the follow-up and the artistry that Dr. Hancock possesses. He’s a perfectionist, and that’s why I’m able to smile.

“I like that Dr. Hancock is very patient with me. Now my teeth feel better, work better, look great and so far I’ve been able to keep them all.”

— Mike

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