Professional Hygienic Cleanings

Our well-trained hygienists play an important role in helping you achieve and maintain good oral health with regular cleanings, thus treating gum disease more easily or avoiding it altogether. Dr. Hancock and his hygienists augment teeth cleanings and gum disease treatment with informative patient education and thorough care.

dental cleanings

Our friendly hygienists give gentle, but thorough cleanings; and they always take the time to show you proper hygiene techniques.

Gentle, thorough Teeth Cleanings

Each of our hygienists is trained and experienced in providing excellent, gentle, and thorough dental hygiene services. Helping you in the fight against tooth decay and gum disease, our professional hygienists will gently and completely clean and polish your teeth.

Patient Education:

patient education

When our patients know how to properly take care of their teeth and gums at home, they have a much better chance of maintaining great oral health for a lifetime. That is why we take the time to show you how to brush and floss correctly. We also use models for demonstrations and have educational pamphlets available for you to see.

Ultrasonic Scaler For Maximum Comfort and Effectiveness:

ultrasoonic scaler

Our ultrasonic scaler uses high frequency vibrations to eliminate hard mineral deposits, tough stains and tartar from teeth without harming the teeth. It does this both above and below the gum line, so it is an excellent tool to eliminate bacteria buildup. Patient comfort level is another excellent reason why this is one of the best tools for ensuring a thorough cleaning.

Comfortable Gum Disease Treatment

Our hygienists are great at eliminating mild to moderate gum disease. Gum disease is at the top of the list of the causes of tooth loss in the U.S. so arresting and eliminating gum disease is of primary importance to us.

Mild To Moderate Gum Disease Treatment:

Our hygienists remove tartar buildup on teeth with scaling and root planing. Scaling scrapes this tartar off the teeth. Once the tartar has been removed, the hygienist will plane the surface of the roots, making them smooth and clean again. Left untreated, gum disease causes gums to pull away from teeth and can result in tooth loss. Proper care can prevent or reverse gum disease.

Eliminating The Bacteria That Causes Gum Disease:


Arestin is a prescription antibiotic used to help eliminate bacteria that has collected in pockets in the infected gums and can’t be easily reached. After scaling and planing, Arestin is placed directly in the deeper pockets. Over a period of days, the antibiotic dissolves and kills the bacteria collected in the pocket. The gums will then begin to shrink and tighten up around the tooth. Now your gums will be healthy again, especially when you practice good oral hygiene on a regular basis.

Treating Severe Gum Disease

Dr. Hancock also treats severe gum disease. When plaque has been building up too long without any treatment, the threat to your teeth is much more acute. It can destroy bone that holds the teeth as well as surrounding soft tissue. Severe gum disease is also associated with other health issues, such as heart attacks, strokes and more.

If scaling and planing is not able to eliminate the tartar fully, Dr. Hancock can perform pocket reduction surgery. However, based on your case, he may perform open flap debridement, which is a procedure that consists of pulling back a section of gum to expose a tooth even more so that deep pockets of bacteria can now be removed. If the gum disease damaged tissue, soft tissue grafting or bone grafting can be done to repair it. After the procedure, the gum is sutured back in place and allowed to heal. This will cause the gum to tighten around the tooth again. An open flap debridement can save a tooth that is threatened because of damaged bone.

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