Sedation Dentistry

At our dental practice, we make it a priority to ensure your treatment experience is as pleasant as possible. Dr. Jerry Hancock practices sedation dentistry to help his Nashville, TN, patients feel comfortable and at ease during treatment. We are one of a very few area dental practices qualified to provide IV sedation for our patients. Dr. Hancock and his staff understand many patients feel anxious about dental appointments, and we work to ensure your peace of mind. We offer many comforting amenities and create a treatment plan that allows you to complete your dental care with an optimal state of relaxation. 


We make your visit as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

Why Choose Sedation Dentistry?

If you feel anxious in the dentist's chair, you are certainly not alone. Dental anxiety is very common, and many patients avoid pursuing the dental treatment they need due to fears or phobias about visiting the dentist. 

While sedation dentistry is a rising trend, not all Nashville dentists offer IV sedation. Dr. Hancock wants you to receive the treatment you need for optimal oral health. He has had extensive training in sedation dentistry, completing a specialized year-long residency program.

Used in addition to local anesthetic, our sedation options are safe and effective, and available for a wide range of procedures, including cosmetic dentistry treatments. Please note that if you receive dental treatment with oral or IV sedation you must have a friend or family member drive you home from your appointment. This is because the effects of the sedative can leave you feeling mildly drowsy for a short period of time following treatment.

IV Sedation 

With IV sedation, patients enter a stress-free state of light sleep. You remain semi-conscious, fully able to follow the doctor’s instructions. It is important to note that this method is very different from general anesthesia (complete unconsciousness) and therefore free from the associated safety complications. IV sedation is an excellent way to remain safely and wholly relaxed throughout your treatment⏤and you can expect to retain no detailed memory of the procedure. 

IV sedation is administered with a needle or tiny catheter placed in the vein. This method is especially beneficial for long or complex procedures, such as wisdom teeth extractions and some types of dental implant placements. It may also be used for bone grafting and other full mouth reconstruction procedures.

If you need dental care or are eager to improve the appearance of your smile, do not put it off any longer simply because you are anxious about the procedure.

Oral Sedation 

For some patients, such as those who would prefer to avoid needles, we also offer oral sedation. With this method, you are prescribed medication to take an hour prior to your scheduled dental procedure. Oral sedation helps patients feel calm and ready for treatment while still remaining able to answer questions and respond to commands. This method has been used in our office for various procedures, including root canal, periodontal, cosmetic, and restorative treatments.

Other Accommodations

Our practice provides comprehensive care, including aftercare. If necessary, you may receive a prescription for pain relief following a surgical appointment.

Throughout the treatment process, you can expect our atmosphere to be comforting and relaxing. Our staff is warm and friendly, and we provide soothing amenities such as blankets to keep you warm, soft pillows, and beverages.

Schedule an Appointment

If you need dental care or are eager to improve the appearance of your smile, do not put it off any longer simply because you are anxious about the procedure. Call our office at (615) 383-0132 or contact our office online today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hancock and learn more about our sedation dentistry methods. 

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