Your First Dental Visit & New Patient Exam

We want you to be comfortable and feel well cared for when you first visit our office as a new patient. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff gives personal attention while delivering gentle, thorough dental care. In addition to amenities such as blankets and pillows, Dr. Hancock does his utmost to make dental procedures as close to pain-free as possible.

first visit

Our Friendly staff will guide you throughout your visit.

Dr. Hancock takes the time to listen to any concerns or questions you may have. He explains all options and procedures clearly, so you know what to expect from any recommended treatment and answers your questions.

Keeping your teeth healthy for life

Dr. Hancock places a high priority on dental function. This means that he not only attends to the procedure at hand, but also looks at the bigger picture of making sure your teeth, gums and jaw function at the best possible level. His comprehensive approach includes the prevention of future problems whenever possible. In this way he’s able to maximize your dental health, giving you years of great function and a beautiful smile.

New Patient Exam

As a new patient, our friendly receptionist will welcome you to our practice and provide the necessary paperwork for you to fill out.  You will then be seated in the exam room where we will run diagnostics to ascertain your current state of oral health. Dr. Hancock will then talk with you about the results, what you would like to achieve, and how he can help you.

Diagnostic Technology

Digital X-rays:We use digital X-rays as they are much more efficient and put out less radiation than traditional X-rays. We also use panoramic X-rays when needed. Panoramic X-rays show broad view of the jaw, teeth and joints.


We use digital X-rays for their accuracy and low radiation.

TMJ and bite evaluation: TMJ stands for the “Temporomandibular Joint.” If the TMJ is out of alignment you can experience trouble biting down and chewing and may have pain and even headaches. Dr. Hancock will check your TMJ to determine whether adjustment is necessary. Sometimes missing teeth can interfere with your bite, your ability to chew and can contribute to TMJ.

Intraoral camera: An intraoral camera is a small handheld camera that fits inside the mouth. We can use this to examine your teeth and gums and to show you exactly what we see.

Oral cancer screening: Dr. Hancock performs an oral cancer exam on each new patient. Although it’s rare to find anything, an oral cancer screening can detect a problem before it has a chance to develop into anything more serious.

Gum health evaluation An inspection of your gums for any signs of gum disease is always done.

Review of results


Dr. Hancock will go over the results of his very thorough exam with you. He will discuss with you how he handles any problems found as well as options. He will also answer your questions. A treatment plan is written up so you know exactly what needs to be done. We will work with you and your budget to help you get the dental care you need.


We are very interested in seeing that you have optimum dental health for life. Regular checkups are essential to maintain oral health. They also can catch problems early, allowing timely treatment before they become worse. Our checkups include a 1-hour cleaning with our hygienist, an oral cancer screening, and a bone and joint evaluation. Dr. Hancock will also see you during your checkup. If any problems are discovered, he will explain them and go over your options and his recommendations.

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"The staff is super friendly and efficient, and I always walk out of their office with a smile…a much brighter one!”


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